Etienne Gandrille, Ph.D.

Senior Lead Developer

Cloud and DevOps enthusiast,
Kubernetes certified (Cloud Native Computing Foundation),
experienced in international collaborations.

#java #cloud #devops #kubernetes
#craftsmanship #collaboration #sharing

About Me

I work with passion in projects involving Cloud environments and Kubernetes.

My work experience is mainly using Java programming language, for building applications in the area of the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Open Data.

I am excited by using this technologies opportunistically to build solutions that impact positively our daily lives.

 English CV  French CV


2015 - 2020

Eclipse sensiNact Software Engineer

  • Development of an open-source middleware for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.
  • Definition, implementation and automation of unit and integration tests.
  • Linux server and NoSQL database (Cassandra) administration.
  • Intellectual Property verification and source code transfer to the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Eclipse sensiNact promotion: Smart City Expo World Congress, Net Futures,…
CI/CD/DevOps: Ansible, Git, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, Kubernetes (Paremus Service Fabric).
Programming languages: Java (Maven, Spring Framework), Shell (Bash).
Team organization: agile methodology using Scrum.

European project collaboration (Brain-IoT, OrganiCity, Sociotal…)

  • Technical work package leader: software architecture definition, API design and coordination of partner’s developments.
  • CI/CD/DevOps using GitLab pipelines, Jenkins, Nexus, Kubernetes (Paremus Service Fabric).
  • Full-stack development, tests and hosting on AWS EC2 of a service in charge of managing Smart-City data coming from European cities.
  • Integration of project contributions including Machine Learning algorithms in Python.
  • International team coordination.
  • Deliverable writing and reviewing.
  • Project reporting in front of the European commission delegates.
CI/CD/DevOps: GitLab pipelines, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, Kubernetes (Paremus Service Fabric).
Programming languages: Java (Maven, Spring Framework), Python, Shell (Bash), JavaScript.
Skill set: project management, international collaboration, team coordination.

Technical consultant for collaborative project proposals

GREAT (GREnoble Alps Together), I2PANEMA, DEFI-OC…

Skill set: requirement collection and analysis, writing project proposals (in English and in French), numerous collaborations with industrial partners and governmental institutions.

Orange Labs
2011 - 2014

Java and IoT Software Engineer for MEDICAL project

Development, showcase and promotion of iCASA, a middleware for securing the home environment of senior citizens and detecting warning signs of degenerative diseases related to aging. Collaborative project with the healthcare division of Orange Labs.

Technologies: Java, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Nexus, NFC, Bluetooth, Zigbee.

ENSIMAG Laboratory / LIG
2008 - 2011

Java Software Engineer - Adele Team

Development of CADSE, a tool for improving developers’ productivity.

Technologies: Java, Maven, Git, Hudson, Nexus, OSGi, iPOJO.


French (mother tongue)
English (bilingual)


Software development

  • CI/CD/DevOps: GitHub/GitLab pipelines, tests, Jenkins, Nexus, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible.
  • Databases and dataformats: Cassandra, MySQL, H2, JSON-LD, XML, XSLT, XML Schema.
  • Cloud: AWS EC2, S3, Glacier.
  • Programming languages: Java (Java SE and Java EE, Spring Framework, Spring Boot), Python, Shell, Go.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.

Community and knowledge sharing

Project management

  • Team coordination, international collaboration.
  • Phone meeting chairman.
  • Requirement collection and analysis.
  • Writing specifications and technical documentation.
  • Agile methodology practitioner (using Scrum) for software development.



Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Cloud Native Computing Foundation & Linux Foundation.

09/19/2020 - Certificate ID: LF-1uhddu8y54.

Score: 94/100

2011 - 2014

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Grenoble Alps University and Orange Labs, Grenoble, France.

Specialized in Software engineering of Autonomic Systems.

Dissertation Title: "Architecture-based autonomic adaptation of pervasive applications".

Public defense: 12/12/2014.

2005 - 2008

Academic classes in social science

Catholic University of Paris, France.

Specialized in philosophy, anthropology and religions.

Final grade: A+.

2002 - 2005

Engineering degree in Computer Science

ISIMA, Clermont Auvergne University, France.

Class ranking: 2nd.

Master’s degree in Computer Science

Clermont Auvergne University, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Class ranking: 2nd.

2002 - 2005

University degree in computing development (DUT)

IUT, Clermont Auvergne University, France.

Class ranking: 1st.

Scientific publications

Dimitrios Amaxilatis, Dennis Boldt, Johnny Choque, Luis Diez, Etienne Gandrille, Sokratis Kartakis, Georgios Mylonas, and Lasse Steenbock Vestergaard. Advancing Experimentation-as-a-Service Through Urban IoT Experiments. In IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 6(2):2563–2572, April 2019.

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Levent Gürgen, Christophe Munilla, Rémi Druilhe, Etienne Gandrille, and Jander Botelho do Nascimento. Enablers for Smart Cities, chapter sensiNact IoT Platform as a Service, pages 127–148. Information Systems, Web and Pervasive Computing. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., July 2016.

Etienne Gandrille. Adaptation autonomique d’applications pervasives dirigée par les architectures. PhD thesis, Université de Grenoble, 2014.

Philippe Lalanda, Stéphanie Chollet, Etienne Gandrille, and Catherine Hamon. Maintaining Traceability Links between Design and Runtime Architectures to support Autonomic Management. In Frank Golatowski, editor, Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Service-Oriented Cyber-Physical Systems in Converging Networked Environments (SOCNE), pages 19–24, Barcelona, Spain, September 2014.

Etienne Gandrille, Catherine Hamon, and Philippe Lalanda. Design and runtime architectures to support autonomic management. In Anca Daniela Ionita, Grace A. Lewis, and Marin Litoiu, editors, IEEE 7th International Symposium on the Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented and Cloud-Based Systems (MESOCA), pages 75–84, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 2013. IEEE.

Etienne Gandrille, Catherine Hamon, and Philippe Lalanda. Linking Reference and Runtime Architectures in Autonomic Systems. In STO-MP-IST-115 - Architecture Definition and Evaluation, pages 17-1–17-7. NATO Science and Technology Organization, May 2013.

Stéphanie Chollet, Vincent Lestideau, Yoann Maurel, Etienne Gandrille, Philippe Lalanda, and Olivier Raynaud. Practical Use of Formal Concept Analysis in Service-Oriented Computing. In Florent Domenach, Dmitry I. Ignatov, and Jonas Poelmans, editors, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA 2012), volume 7278 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), pages 61–76, Leuven, Belgium, May 2012. Springer.